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Please carefully read the Public Offer Agreement, the terms and conditions of use of the website, and the privacy policy before using the services of grandbus.com.ua

If you do not agree with the Public Offer Agreement, the rules, and conditions, please do not use the grandbus.com.ua website.

Please note that the Public Offer Agreement, rules, and conditions may change without prior notice. Changes to the Public Offer Agreement, rules, and conditions become effective from the moment of their publication on the grandbus.com.ua website.

By making a payment, you confirm your unconditional acceptance of the Public Offer Agreement and agreement with the rules and conditions set by the owner of the grandbus.com.ua website.

Text as of July 1, 2023.


Limited Liability Company "International Bus Station" (here in after referred to as Grandbus), EDRPOU 45002846, registered at the address: Ukraine, 76018, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk district, city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Chornovola street, building 7, acting under Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, offers a Public Offer Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) to an unlimited number of individuals (hereinafter referred to as the User) in order to search for and/or purchase tickets through the Grandbus.com.ua website for bus transportation services and/or to use additional services provided by Grandbus.

The User may act within the framework of this Agreement on their own behalf and for their benefit or on behalf of a third party and for their benefit. In the case of using the services on behalf of a third party, the User acts within the powers granted to them by that third party.

Grandbus is an integrated distributor of transportation services provided by carriers, bus stations, consolidators of carrier resources, and other third parties, hereinafter referred to as "Suppliers."

The ticket (including an electronic ticket) is a document of a defined form that confirms the passenger's right to receive bus transportation services, created in the automated Grandbus system and sent to the electronic address indicated during the order or provided to the User in another way.

The ticket number is the number of the Public Offer Agreement and simultaneously the number of the passenger transportation agreement.

The User and Grandbus are informed of the general requirements for concluding agreements, compliance with which is necessary for their legal validity. Both parties have the necessary civil capacity, have the appropriate authority to conclude this agreement, fully understand the significance of their actions, and act in accordance with the free will that corresponds to the internal will of the parties to this agreement, aiming at the real occurrence of legal consequences, understanding the legal nature of this agreement, as well as their rights and obligations under the Agreement, in accordance with the current legislation, have concluded this Agreement on the following terms:


1.1. Under this Agreement, Grandbus provides services for finding a suitable Supplier, in accordance with the chosen date, time, and destination selected by the User, forming connections between various Suppliers, concluding transportation agreements (by selling/purchasing Tickets), processing tickets from various Suppliers in a single order, pre-selling tickets, seat reservations, ticket orders by phone, ticket reissuance, searching for optimal schedules at the User's request, customer service, including round-the-clock User support by the Customer Service Center, additional services upon User's requests, as well as pre-payment for Tickets with funds received from the User (hereinafter referred to as the Services).
1.2. For the provided Services, Grandbus receives compensation consisting of the amount included in the Ticket price, defined as the Agency Fee (paid by the Supplier), and the Service Fee (paid by the User).
1.3. Grandbus, acting as an agent, on behalf and in the interests of the Supplier, through the website, sells bus passenger transportation (hereinafter referred to as the Ticket), special offers, discounts, and provides Supplier information.
1.4. Each purchase of a Ticket from a specific Supplier is subject to the terms and conditions of that particular Supplier and is an integral part of this Agreement.
1.5. In the case of purchasing multiple Tickets in a single order, the rules and conditions of different Suppliers may vary.
1.6. Failure to comply with the rules and conditions of the Supplier and/or Grandbus may result in order cancellations and denial of access to the Website and/or purchased services, including the ability to use the Ticket, without refunding the funds spent on its acquisition.
1.7. The purchase of a Ticket by the User on preferential terms (free transportation, etc.) in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine is exclusively carried out at the cashier's office/office of the respective Supplier or with the permission of the respective Supplier.


2.1 The User has the right to:
2.1.1.Receive services under this Agreement;
2.1.2.Use the Ticket in accordance with the chosen date, time, departure point, and selected Supplier;
2.1.3.Return the Ticket according to the conditions specified by the Supplier and/or Grandbus;
2.1.4.Demand compensation for damages incurred due to the terms of this Agreement by submitting the relevant claim to Grandbus.
2.1.5.In the event of causing moral harm to the User by the actions or inactions of Grandbus, the compensation amount, upon its proof and justification, cannot exceed an amount greater than the value of the Ticket.
2.1.6.NOTE: Some Suppliers may require the exchange and/or return of the ticket exclusively at the bus station cashier's office without the possibility of a refund through the website or at a Grandbus partner's office where the payment was made. The conditions for such exchange and/or return are specified on the Ticket.

2.2. The User is obliged to:
2.2.1.Make a prepayment for the Ticket in the full amount indicated on the website;
2.2.2.Verify the date, time, departure city/place, and arrival city/place immediately after purchasing the Ticket;
2.2.3.Arrive at the departure point in advance;
2.2.4.Notify Grandbus of the impossibility of using the Ticket for any reason;
2.2.5.Review the conditions for ticket return;
2.2.6.Contact Grandbus before purchasing the Ticket if the return conditions for the chosen Supplier's purchased Ticket are absent from the Website.
2.2.7.When purchasing a Ticket for two or more Suppliers or for transfer points through the Website, the User must independently determine sufficient time for the transfer, including if such a transfer is offered on the Website. The recommended waiting time for transfer points is 4 hours for domestic routes and 8 hours for international routes from the scheduled arrival time.
2.2.8.NOTE: The User is obligated to familiarize themselves with the rules and conditions of the chosen Supplier before purchasing the respective Ticket, thereby agreeing to comply with the Supplier's rules and conditions. Some Suppliers allow determining the return conditions for a specific ticket only after its purchase. Based on this specificity, the User agrees that the withholding during the return of such a Ticket may be equivalent to 100% of the ticket value, even if the ticket return is processed 15 minutes after its payment.

2.3. Grandbus has the right to:
2.3.1.Act on behalf of the Supplier within the scope of the contractual relationship;
2.3.2.Conclude a transportation agreement between the User and the Supplier according to the conditions and method specified by the Supplier;
2.3.3.Establish and receive additional compensation from the User for additional services and/or offerings.
2.3.4.Grandbus has the right to record telephone conversations with the User and/or Passenger in the event of contacting the service center and/or servicing the User/Passenger or if it's necessary to inform the User/Passenger or obtain additional information regarding any Ticket processed through the Grandbus service and/or Website.

2.4. Grandbus is obligated to:
2.4.1.Promptly inform the Supplier about the purchased Ticket and additional services paid by the User;
2.4.2.Send the User the Ticket in accordance with the form established and accepted by the Supplier;
2.4.3.Transfer the funds received from the User as payment for the Ticket to the Supplier's settlement account;
2.4.4.Notify the User of changes in service conditions (provided the Supplier informs of such changes);
2.4.5.Notify the User of changes or cancellations of a route (in case this information is received from the Supplier);
2.4.6.Accept User inquiries, review them independently, or forward them for consideration to the relevant Supplier;
2.4.7.Timely inform the User about the consideration of their inquiry and, in the case of sending the inquiry results to the Supplier, provide the User with such results (if received at Grandbus).
2.4.8.NOTE: Grandbus responds to inquiries in a manner similar to how they were received. Sending a response to a third party (including at the User's request) will not be carried out.


3.1. Funds received from the User for the purchase of the Ticket belong to the Supplier (excluding Grandbus Service Fee if included in the Ticket price). Grandbus processes settlements for the Ticket purchased by the User according to the terms and deadlines specified by the Supplier.
3.2. The User is solely responsible for all commission charges and other specified bank expenses that may be added to the Ticket price or additional services by the credit or debit card issuer, except in cases where the expenses are attributed to Grandbus's responsibility.
3.3. Banking services related to fund transfers within the scope of this Agreement are paid by the Party performing such services.


4.1. The User's email address and/or phone number provided during Ticket purchase are used as the User's identifiers.
4.2. Contacting from the phone number/email address left during Ticket purchase allows Grandbus to identify the User as a Party to the Agreement with corresponding rights and obligations and enables actions to be taken concerning the Agreement as a whole and the specific purchased Ticket.
4.3. Contacting from a different phone number and/or email address than the one provided during Ticket purchase gives Grandbus the right to request additional identification from the User as a Party to the Agreement.
4.4. In the event of inability to identify the User as a Party to the Agreement, Grandbus reserves the right to refuse consideration of the inquiry.
4.5. The responsibility for preserving and/or accessing the phone number and/or email address is on the User.


5.1. Forced refund of funds for a Ticket:
5.1.1.In case the Supplier notifies about the cancellation of a route for any reason, Grandbus performs a refund of the funds received as payment for the Ticket in the amount they were received, up to 100% of the Ticket price. Alternatively, the User may be offered to purchase another Ticket for the same or a different Supplier's route.
5.1.2.NOTE: The cost of a Ticket for a different Supplier's route may vary.
5.2. Voluntary refund:
5.2.1.In case of processing a Ticket refund at the User's initiative, Grandbus refunds the funds to the User based on the data of automated calculations of refunds provided by the Supplier.
5.2.2.The conditions for refunding a Ticket vary for each Supplier according to their internal rules.
5.2.3.Grandbus Service Fee and Agent's Commission are not subject to refund in case of a voluntary refund of the Ticket.
5.2.4.Tickets purchased by the User at promotional and/or discounted rates, including the use of a discount code, are refunded with a 100% deduction from the Ticket price.
5.2.5.Funds or a portion of funds, subject to the deduction of mandatory withholdings, are transferred back to the User within 10 days after the departure of the last flight from the order and/or the decision made by the Supplier and/or Grandbus regarding the User's refund, using a method similar to the initial payment.
5.2.6.In case of disagreement by the User with the refunded amount or the amount subject to refund, the decision on such a refund amount is made exclusively by the Supplier.
5.2.7.NOTE: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree No. 176 of February 18, 1997, "On Approval of Rules for Providing Passenger Road Transport Services", regulates the matter of ticket refunds exclusively at the bus station cashier's office and does not cover the concept of the Supplier as per the Agreement's terms.
5.3. Refund procedure:
5.3.1.The User submits a refund request solely through the personal account on the Website, providing a detailed description of the situation or accompanying information (proof) when submitting the refund request through the personal account.
5.3.2. The amount to be refunded is calculated automatically, according to the conditions valid at the time of issuing the refund, namely, more than 7 days before the departure of the bus - 100% of the cost, from 7 days to 5 days - 90% of the cost, from 5 days to 3 days - 75% of the cost, from 3 days to 1 day - 50% of the cost, less than 24 hours before departure - the ticket is returned with 0% of the cost. 1 day = 24 hours before local time departure. The refund is made to the buyer's card (account) from which the ticket was paid for. The part paid with points is returned in the form of points to the account in the personal account
5.3.3.NOTE: If the User cannot provide Grandbus with the opportunity to identify themselves as the rightful user, Grandbus reserves the right to refuse the consideration of such a request for the safety of our Users/Passengers.
5.3.4.If the User's inquiry involves not only the refund of funds for an order, it is treated as a claim and is submitted by the client in an official form in accordance with the law of Ukraine "On Citizens' Appeals."


6.1. In exceptional situations, Grandbus has the right to refund the full value or a portion of the Ticket price to the User without coordinating the refund amount with the Supplier. Such refund is made at the expense of Grandbus's own funds.
6.2. Grandbus does not compensate for the value or a portion of the Ticket price purchased by the User with the purpose of reaching a transfer point or final destination, whether purchased on the Website or on another website.


7.1. To complete the process of ordering and purchasing a Ticket on the Website, you are required to provide certain information, namely: the Passenger's First Name and Last Name (document number by which they can be identified, as determined optionally by the Supplier), a valid email address, and phone number.
7.2. Additionally, during the purchase, payment information related to credit or debit cards must be provided, including card numbers and expiration dates. This information should be entered for each purchase using the secure service of the chosen payment system.


8.1. By making a purchase through the Website, the User confirms their legal capacity and agrees to the processing of their personal data.
8.2. The User agrees to pay the Ticket price and applicable taxes for all purchases made, paid by credit or debit cards, or any other permitted payment method.
8.3. The User agrees to pay all amounts specified by Grandbus if the payment is not made, returned, or declined by the User's bank.
8.4. Grandbus, when selling a Ticket through the Website, confirms that it has the right to sell the given Ticket, in accordance with the terms and obligations defined by the Supplier.
8.5. Grandbus reserves the right, at its discretion, to block credit and debit cards due to suspicious activity.


9.1. The User acknowledges the responsibility for the confidentiality of the information provided.
9.2. Grandbus is not liable for any damages caused by unauthorized use of confidential information provided by the User.
9.3. All personal information obtained by Grandbus as a result of orders placed through the Website is stored according to the rules and provisions on confidentiality, which are an integral part of the Agreement.
9.4. Grandbus reserves the right to use and disclose information about the User or their orders to the extent necessary for the confidentiality.
9.5. For the purpose of protecting business interests, Grandbus provides a response to a written request "On Provision of Supplier Information" that is sent to our address, with prior notice and consent of the Party concerned regarding whom the request is made. This includes requests from relevant state or other authorities authorized by law to obtain such information.
9.6. Grandbus reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time, solely for the purpose of improvement, with the further expansion of the terms of confidential information preservation.


10.1.The User provides consent and confirms that the data provided by them when purchasing a Ticket is truthful. The User has the right to provide such data when purchasing a Ticket and agrees to provide it for further processing and storage, including but not limited to:

  • transferring it to a third party associated with this Agreement or for the purpose of its full execution;
  • additional information to the User about the flight status, changes in its conditions;
  • further processing of the User's orders;
  • receiving service messages, including those related to promotions, bonus programs, and discounts conducted by Grandbus.


<p>11.1. All materials on the Website, including but not limited to names, logos, trademarks, service marks, trade names, photographs, texts, columns, illustrations, clips, and other elements of the content (hereinafter referred to as "Content") are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. The Content is controlled and owned by Grandbus and third parties who have granted permission for the placement of Content or have provided materials to Grandbus in other ways. The Content is protected by laws, including international agreements and other laws on the protection of intellectual property. The Website is registered as a joint work in accordance with the current copyright laws, coordination, placement, and updating of Content are protected by copyright.<br />11.2. The User should assume that all Website Content is protected by copyright unless otherwise specified, and the User cannot use the Website in a way that differs from what is stipulated in the Agreement and Rules or without obtaining Grandbus&#39;s permission.<br />11.3. Grandbus makes no warranties or assurances that the User's use of materials presented on the Website will not infringe on the rights of third parties. All goods, services, programs, and technologies described on the Website may be subject to other property rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademark rights, and patent rights) owned by Grandbus. Grandbus reserves the right not to detail these rights in this Agreement.<br />11.4. The User acknowledges and agrees that they do not acquire any intellectual property rights when using, downloading, or printing copyright-protected materials. Any attempt to unlawfully infringe on Grandbus's rights in connection with the Content of the website or any attempt to harm the security system of the site or use the site's Content for.</p>


12.1. In case of non-performance or improper performance of obligations by one of the Parties under the Agreement, the guilty Party shall compensate the opposite Party for the proven damages caused by such actions.
12.2.The User personally bears the responsibility for complying with the terms and rules of the chosen Supplier and the Agreement, as well as the rules of using the Website.
12.3.The User assumes sole responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided, including information about the person on whose behalf they are acting within this Agreement, including but not limited to the inability to use personal information on the Website, without any exceptions, including but not limited to the absence of accurate personal information.
12.4.The User agrees to indemnify the damages caused to Grandbus and, if necessary, to defend the interests of Grandbus (including but not limited to founders, subsidiaries, related companies, each employee, directors, employees, agents, contractors, and representatives) from any claims, damages, expenses, and obligations (including relevant legal costs) related to the fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement.
12.5.PLEASE NOTE, this Agreement regulates exclusively the terms of purchasing the chosen Ticket by the User, which in turn serves as evidence of the conclusion of the Transportation contract.


13.1. A Party is exempt from liability for the breach of the terms of the Agreement if it proves that this breach occurred due to the action or inaction of a third party.
13.2. The User understands and agrees that Grandbus is not responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential, or punitive damages, as well as inconveniences associated with the performance of transportation (including but not limited to flight delays, flight cancellations, missed connections) or other possible issues related to your use or access to the Website.
13.3. Grandbus is not liable for errors or inaccuracies in the terms and prices of sale of bus Tickets and other goods and services, if such are provided by the Supplier.
13.4. Grandbus is not responsible for losses and damages incurred by the User during trips to various parts of the world.
13.5. The User agrees that they will have access to goods and services and information about bus transportation available on the Website at their own risk.
13.6. Grandbus is not responsible for the actions, negligence, errors, and warranties of any Supplier and/or any injuries, death, property damage, or other loss or expenses incurred as a result of the use or access to the services and/or goods of the Supplier.
13.7. Grandbus is not responsible for inconveniences and losses incurred by the User due to the provision of inaccurate information when using the Website, if such information is provided by the Supplier.


14.1.The procedure for considering appeals is not mandatory.
14.2.In the event of a breach of the terms of the Agreement by one of the Parties, the opposite Party has the right to apply to the court. The place of jurisdiction is determined in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
14.3.Disputes related to the Agreement, Rules, and Conditions that are part of it must be resolved individually.
14.4.If a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it shall be resolved in a court proceeding according to the established jurisdiction and jurisdiction of such a dispute in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
14.5.All matters relating to the relationship between the Parties that are not regulated by this Agreement are governed by the current legislation of Ukraine.
14.6.PLEASE NOTE that in case of a breach of the terms of the transportation agreement, the conditions of which (date, departure/arrival time, boarding/alighting point) are specified on the Ticket, the Carrier that actually operated the flight is responsible. Claims against the carrier, according to Part 4 of Article 114 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, fall under the concept of "Exclusive Jurisdiction" and are submitted to the court at the location of the carrier.


15.1.The Agreement number corresponds to the number of the Ticket purchased by the User.
15.2.The date of conclusion of the Agreement is the date of making the payment for the chosen Ticket.
15.3.In all other matters not provided for in the Agreement, the Parties shall be guided by the current legislation of Ukraine.
15.4.The Agreement, Rules, and Conditions constitute an integral document intended for the User and have prevailing legal force compared to previously concluded written or oral agreements between the parties. A printed version of these Rules and Conditions or any other communication originally created in electronic form may be considered in court proceedings related to this Agreement. The Rules and Conditions have the same weight and effect as other business documents originally created in a physical format, with the same significance and on the same terms.


16.1.The primary channel of communication between Grandbus and the User is electronic email correspondence or publications on the website. The User agrees that all communications, notices, and other communications in electronic form meet the same legal requirements as in paper form.


These rules constitute an integral part of the Public Offer Agreement and apply to all visitors and users of the Grandbus.com.ua website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), both present and future.

By utilizing the Site or its materials, the User expresses their unconditional agreement with these Rules.

Note regarding children's use: This website is not intended for children, so we kindly request that children do not provide or leave personal information on this site.


1.1. The Rules are established to define the boundaries that must be adhered to when using the Site.
1.2. The Rules are formulated in compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
1.3. General Provisions
1.4. Grandbus defines the rules of conduct on the Site and reserves the right to demand their observance from Users.
1.5. Unawareness of the rules does not exempt one from the necessity to follow them.


2.1. All rights to the information posted on this website belong to Grandbus.
2.2. Altering materials or using them for other purposes constitutes a violation of copyright.
2.3. In the event of violations of the rules for using this website, Grandbus reserves the right to apply all legally permissible measures to protect and restore its rights.
2.4. Other pages of this website may contain additional notices about ownership rights and information about copyrights.
2.5. The provisions contained in such notices must also be taken into account and observed during use.
2.6. The User acknowledges and confirms that the Site and its content are intended for personal and non-commercial use. The User confirms that they will not:

  • Interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the Site, including but not limited to virus attacks, manipulation of TCP/IP packets, or sending excessive or disproportionately large amounts of information that could overload the infrastructure supporting the Site;
  • Attempt to decrypt, decompile, disassemble, or modify any part of the software that constitutes and supports the website and its content using any other method;
  • Remove or alter any messages about ownership rights, trademarks, or any advertising materials from the content;
  • Include self-promotion or third-party advertising and promotional materials in the Site's content, including but not limited to additional materials or Site features;
  • Impersonate another physical or legal entity;
  • Mislead others about belonging to a specific physical or legal entity;
  • Use, insert, and/or provide links to any materials and information from the Site;
  • Use the Site in ways not permitted by these Rules and Conditions, or use the Site or any of its content in violation of relevant laws.

2.7. Grandbus reserves the right to ensure compliance with these Rules and Conditions without prior notice and, at its own discretion, to terminate the application of these Rules and Conditions, and/or to suspend or terminate the User's access to the use of the Site at any time without prior notice if there is reason to believe that the User has violated any provision of these Rules and Conditions. In the event that Grandbus restricts and/or terminates the User's access to the website within the framework of these Rules and Conditions, Grandbus shall not be held liable and shall not cover any damages incurred by the User during the use of the Site.


3.1. To the extent permitted by law, Grandbus and its affiliated companies, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, successors, or assigns shall not be liable for any damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of this Site or any other website associated with it.
3.2. Under no circumstances shall Grandbus be held liable for the consequences, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the use of information posted on this Site, nor shall it be a basis for legal action against Grandbus.
3.3. Grandbus does not assert or guarantee that any file or program that can be downloaded from this website and/or used through it is free from errors, viruses, defects, and other factors that may harm data, as well as the hardware or software of the User.
3.4. The services of the Site are provided on an "as is" basis without any kind of warranty, both direct and indirect. The User voluntarily waives the right to pursue legal action against Grandbus and to seek compensation for potential or actual damages.
3.5. Neither the Site administration nor its partners or employees guarantee the uninterrupted and error-free operation of the Site; nor do they guarantee that the results obtained during the use of the Site will be error-free, accurate, or applicable, or that the materials on the Site will be accurate and applicable.
3.6. Grandbus shall not be held responsible to the User or third parties for any potential damages related to the use of information or materials posted on this website.


4.1. Grandbus will make every effort to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of data obtained from the respective Supplier and contained on this Site. Technical inaccuracies or typographical errors may occur in the presented information on this Site. Grandbus assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on the Site, and all risks associated with the use of such information are assumed by the User.


5.1. This Site may contain information about third-party websites. Navigating to any other Internet resource associated with this site is at the User's own risk. Grandbus is not responsible for the accuracy of information, data, views, advice, or statements made on the Site's pages. References to the products and services of third parties are for informational purposes only and do not imply that Grandbus endorses or recommends them or assumes responsibility for them.


6.1. Grandbus may make changes to the Terms of Use from time to time. By accessing this website, the User agrees to abide by these Terms, and therefore, the User is obligated to review their content with each new visit to the Site.
6.2. Grandbus reserves the right to change information about services and products at any time without prior notice to the User.


7.1. Inquiries are accepted by TOV "International Bus Station."
7.2. Address for sending inquiries: Ukraine, 76018, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk District, Ivano-Frankivsk City, Chornovola Street, Building 7», admin@grandbus.com.ua (for electronic inquiries),
7.3. Inquiries related to services provided within the framework of the public offer agreement are reviewed directly by TOV "International Bus Station."
7.4. Inquiries related to the transportation contract and passenger service are reviewed by the respective carrier that provides such services. In this case, TOV "International Bus Station" forwards the inquiry received from the passenger to the address of the respective carrier.
7.5. The response, based on the results of the inquiry review, is provided to the user in a manner similar to how they were received.