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Privacy Policy

Limited Liability Company "International Bus Station" (hereinafter referred to as Grandbus), EDRPOU 45002846, address: Ukraine, 76018, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk District, Ivano-Frankivsk City, Chornovola Street, Building 7, particularly on the website https://www.grandbus.com.ua/ (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

Grandbus attaches great importance to confidentiality, especially concerning your personal data. By using Grandbus services, you, as a user, have shown trust in us, and we, Grandbus, value that trust.

Grandbus does not hide any information about the processing of your personal data and makes every effort to keep your personal data secure, acting in the best interests of all users, without exception.


Grandbus is responsible for processing the personal data received in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents and places similar obligations on any contractors with whom it interacts in the process of providing services or processing information.

Grandbus adheres to the basic principles of protecting confidential information regarding any further transfer of data, both internal and cross-border, including the transfer of obligations.

To ensure the secure transmission of personal data, Grandbus uses the SSL 3.0 encryption protocol. All personal data is encrypted and securely transmitted over the Internet.


Most operations on the site can be performed without providing personal information.

However, in the case of purchasing/reserving a ticket on the Grandbus website and/or purchasing other products or services, including subscribing to Grandbus services, the following information is received from you:

  • Contact details (your name, passenger's name, contact phone number, and email address).
  • Profile data, your username and password.
  • Information about purchased services.

If necessary, Grandbus may verify certain information by asking you to (a) upload a scanned copy of your ID (which will be securely stored on our servers) or (b) identify yourself by other acceptable means.

For the purpose of reducing errors in our database, Grandbus may verify the authenticity of users and prevent misuse of the system.

At your request, Grandbus may supplement the personal information you provide with information from third-party sources.

Grandbus also collects aggregated information about your activity on our site (e.g., the number/direction of trips, the speed of the Site's response to your request, and similar information). This information may be published in a publicly accessible profile on our site without personal identification.

Depending on your intended use of the Grandbus service, some requested information is mandatory to provide, and some is provided at your discretion. If you refuse to provide mandatory information, you will not be able to perform operations for the purchase of certain services. All other Grandbus services will be available to you.

The number of your credit card is used exclusively by payment services. Grandbus does not store credit card data.


During your use of the website, Grandbus may collect personal information about the devices you use and the networks to which they are connected. This collection includes the following information: Your IP address, login information for accessing your account, browser type and version, types and versions of browser plugins, operating system and platform, advertising identifier, information about your website visits, including URL clickstream of pages you viewed or information you searched for, errors that occurred during webpage loading, duration of loading certain pages, interaction with pages or phone numbers used to call our customer service center.

Like most websites, Grandbus and its independent service providers may receive certain technical and routing information about your computer during your use of the website to facilitate your use of the site and its services. For example, Grandbus may receive information about variables such as browser type, operating system, processor speed. Grandbus also uses data about variables to track traffic on the site. Grandbus periodically analyzes such data in an anonymized manner to better understand user needs on the site. We do not sell your personal data and do not transmit it for the purpose of sale.

Additional services used by Grandbus for processing personal data:


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Privacy Policy:


When you download and use our mobile applications or services, Grandbus automatically receives information about the type of device you are using, as well as the version of the operating system. Grandbus also requests information about the location of your mobile device through the downloaded application and/or in the process of using our mobile applications or services.


The Grandbus.ua website uses cookie files. Cookie files are an industry standard and are used by many websites to facilitate users' current access to certain websites, provide information used to understand the content that interests the user, and for other purposes, such as security and other administrative functions, as well as functions that can help track information that can identify a user. Cookie files cannot damage your system or computer files, and only the site that transmitted certain cookie files can read, modify, and delete such files.

If a user does not wish to receive information collected through cookie files, most browsers provide the ability to delete existing cookie files, automatically decline them, or offer the option to choose between declining or accepting individual computer cookie files. To learn more about these functions, refer to your browser's instructions or help window.

Some use of cookie files on the Site may be under the control of organizations that are not controlled by Grandbus and that collaborate with Grandbus to manage certain programs and process individual visitor/customer/user requests. Grandbus requires such companies to use cookie files in accordance with these Rules, but Grandbus is not responsible for the use of cookie files by third parties.


Upon your request, Grandbus is able to provide you with information regarding whether Grandbus stores or processes your personal information. If you need to request this information, please contact us at admin@grandbus.com.ua.

You have the right to access your personal information and settings at any time to modify or delete them. This can be done through the Personal Account, where you can view and make changes to your personal data. For your security, certain elements of personal information can only be changed by contacting customer support. Grandbus will promptly respond to your request within reasonable terms.


Grandbus collects and uses your personal information for the purpose of providing you with services, fulfilling legal obligations (including transportation contracts), and improving services and offerings.

Grandbus uses personal information for purposes such as: processing your financial transactions (including confirmation of payment by the payment system); sending you purchased/reserved tickets and other services; servicing you as a user or passenger in processing your requests and complaints through customer support; managing data in your account; sending you requested information about ticket purchasing terms or transportation services, etc.; informing you about special offers from Grandbus; managing promotions you participate in and notifying you of their results; informing you of the results of complaint reviews and/or actions taken to address violations of service terms; conducting analysis of additional services and/or offerings to improve website functionality; processing your individual requests.


Grandbus has appointed a data protection officer within the company who is responsible for all matters related to this privacy policy. If you have any questions or concerns related to the Privacy Policy or how Grandbus manages your personal information, as well as any other issues regarding personal information, please contact our data protection officer using the following contact information:

Phone: +38 098-888-11-08

Email: admin@grandbus.com.ua


Grandbus collaborates directly with carriers or ticket suppliers during its operations. In order to provide quality transportation services, your personal data is necessarily transmitted directly to the Carrier/Supplier of the route for which you have purchased a ticket. The primary purpose of transferring personal data to the Carrier/Supplier is to facilitate transportation contract agreements.


Personalized user information may be disclosed to other organizations:

  • within the framework of applicable legislation,
  • in the event of divestiture, property transfer, or company bankruptcy,

if Grandbus is required to disclose specific information to comply with the demands of law enforcement or regulatory authorities overseeing company operations, or as a result of other legal processes,

or in exceptional cases, to protect the interests of Grandbus' safety or other website visitors.


Grandbus retains data as long as it is necessary to fulfill the relevant processing purposes (e.g., operations related to transportation contracts, provision of service, advertising/marketing services), as well as to fulfill civil, commercial, and tax law requirements. Personal data is subject to removal from Grandbus' personal data databases in cases such as:

  • expiration of the data retention period determined by the consent of the personal data subject, who provided them for processing, or by law;
  • termination of legal relations between the personal data subject and the owner or controller of the database, unless otherwise provided by law;
  • entry into legal force of a court decision to remove data about an individual from the personal data database;
  • receipt of a reasoned request from the personal data subject to terminate processing/destroy their data in cases and procedures established by law.

Grandbus is obliged to make changes to data at the request of the personal data subject if such data are inaccurate or incorrect, or to perform other actions, including transmission to a third party.


Grandbus reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. If Grandbus makes substantial changes to the Privacy Policy, it will be indicated here. Grandbus recommends regularly reviewing the Privacy Policy, as your use of the Website after changes have been made signifies your agreement as a User to those amendments to the privacy policy.

If you have any concerns or doubts regarding privacy or the use of personal data that we have not been able to address, please contact Grandbus at the following address: Ukraine, 76018, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk District, Ivano-Frankivsk City, Chornovola Street, Building 7, email: admin@grandbus.com.ua