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Services you can use

Take a look at the list of services provided by our company and make your journey even more comfortable and convenient

Booking and trip management

You can be assured that your journey will be prepared in advance and you will have your ticket in hand before departure. In addition, you can conveniently manage your trip according to your needs with minimal effort.

Ordering additional services

You can provide yourself with additional comfort and convenience during your trip by ordering the transportation of additional or oversized luggage and reserving your seat in advance.

Your journey

You can obtain detailed information about your journey, such as departure time, route, and travel duration, which will allow you to better plan your time and avoid unnecessary delays.

Assistance and more

Our staff is always ready to help you with any questions related to your trip. They can assist with luggage or help resolve any issues that arise during the journey.

Services we provide

Learn about the services our company provides to ensure maximum comfort and safety on every trip


Passengers can use the Internet for free during the journey, which allows them to work or entertain themselves.

Extra legroom

Passengers can comfortably place their feet, which allows for a more comfortable journey, especially for tall people or those with circulation problems.

Power outlets

Passengers can charge their electronic devices during the journey to stay connected with the world even on long trips.


We provide enough space for passenger luggage, so you can bring everything you need without additional effort and expense.

Snacks and beverages

Our passengers can enjoy the service of free sandwiches and drinks during the journey to feel comfortable and avoid the thirst.


Passengers can use the onboard toilet whenever they need to.